The College of Automation Engineering has more than 60 academic staff for teaching and research ,of which 9 are professors, 27 are associate professor, 1 is Shanghai Outstanding Teacher. There are over 1,200 undergraduates and 120 graduates in the college. 

The College of Automation Engineering provides 2 undergraduate majors and 5 discipline areas including Automation (Power Plant Automation, Nuclear Power), Measuring and Control Instrument (Power Measurement and Control), in which Automation is among Specialty Major of the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Undergraduates Highland Project. Electrical Appliances and Motor, and Electrical System Detection & Control are second-level discipline master programs. The College also has Shanghai key discipline “Modern Power System and Power Plant Automation”, Shanghai municipal Education Commission key subject ”Electrical Safety and Energy Saving”, Shanghai Excellent Course “Automatic Control Principle” and “Digital Electric Technology”, and Shanghai English Teaching Model Course “Control System Simulation”.

The College has Shanghai Key Laboratory “Power Plant Automation Technology”, advanced discipline platform “Large Coal-fired Power Plant Integrated Automation System Platform” and “Power Virtual Simulation Center”. Power Station Automation Laboratory, Simulation Laboratory, Phoenix Fieldbus Laboratory, Nuclear Power Operation and Simulation Laboratory, and scientific research base especially for power industry.

The College attaches great importance to scientific research. Several teachers have undertaken or participated in NSFC, 863 Projects and Specialized Research of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. The college has also taken on many research projects commissioned by various enterprises and institutions, and the scientific research fund has been increasing year by year. The college had awarded the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress.

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