SUEP has always attached great importance to the scientific research work, with strong scientific and technological innovation ability through many years of development. In recent five years, SUEP has hosted and participated in various types of more than 1000 scientific research projects, including the national 973, 863 project, National Natural Science Funding project, Shanghai Major (key) Science and Technology Research projects, New Century Talents Scheme from the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Outstanding Subject Leaders Plan, and so on. Furthermore, SUEP won awards above Provincial Science and Technology of 21 items, including 2 National Scientific and Technological Progress Second Class Prize.

Now, SUEP has four Shanghai key disciplines and five Shanghai municipal education commission key disciplines, and is building a first-class course (class B) training course in Shanghai universities (Ⅱ plateau) electrical engineering. In addition, the environmental engineering discipline was successfully selected into the Shanghai Environment and Ecological IV Peak Discipline in 2017.

Now the university have provincial-level scientific research platform covers each link of modern electric power industry, effectively supporting the electrical engineering, control engineering, energy and power engineering, environmental and chemical engineering, computer science and information technology construction. Till December 2017, there are 16 provincial level scientific research platforms in SUEP.

The industrialization of scientific research achievements has been booming, many achievements in production has achieved a remarkable economic and social benefit. Also, there are many papers recorded by authoritative institutions SCI, EI and CPCI -s (ISTP) raises.