Student Activities

Big Data Helps Poverty Alleviation--The Computer College Cloud Village Practice Team Goes to Guizhou to Conduct Practical Research

From July 11th to July 20th, the“Cloud Village”practice team of the School of Computer Science went to Guiyang, Guizhou for a 10-day summer social practice. This social practice is closely related to“big data and poverty alleviation”, highlighting the profession and focusing on continuity. The practice team was formed by the School of Computer Science. It consists of 12 students from different colleges. Students from different disciplines such as engineering, management, and science have collided with each other and added a wonderful experience to this practice.

Big data is a new direction for Guizhou's development. The first stop of social practice, the practice team came to the exhibition center of Guizhou Big Data Comprehensive Experimental Zone to appreciate the application and development of “Big Data”in Guizhou. From the development of Guizhou big data industry, Guizhou big data application case to Guizhou big data commercial, political, civilian, etc. The practical team members combine the school-based curriculum with the cloud-based Guizhou reality to further understand How big data changes the world and changes human life.“Great poverty alleviation, big data, and great ecology”are the three strategic actions that Guizhou has intensified. In the second stop of social practice, the practice team came to Xiuwen County, Guizhou Province, and conducted in-depth research on the effectiveness of precision poverty alleviation work in various townships and towns, and explored how to use big data to help the poor. Through practical field visits, interviews and surveys, the team members learned about the implementation of precision poverty alleviation in the three townships of Dashi Town, Gubao Township and Shiping Town in Xiuwen County, and analyzed the problems in the implementation of precision poverty alleviation; by visiting the kiwifruit industry The park, understand the use of agricultural big data, rural Taobao in the countryside, and feel the development of big data for the countryside. In addition, the practicing team members actively participated in the activities of the local tourism development conference, and served as volunteers of the“Xing Zhi Xiu Xin Jing Tao Yuan”mountain marathon competition. They created an atmosphere at the competition site, provided translation and replenishment services, and presented to the guests, players and staff present. A sincere, steady and positive student style.

Ten days of summer social practice is short-lived, but the rapid development of big data and the relative backwardness of rural development have brought shock to the students. Through this social practice, practitioners have personally felt the new face and new achievements of rural economic and social development, and can also explore how to use big data to carry out continuous assistance work. Big data has helped the poor, and the“Cloud Village” practice team has also reached a consensus with the Xiuwen County Youth League Committee of Guizhou Province. It will regularly go to Xiuwen County to carry out practical activities, make full use of its disciplinary advantages and professional skills, and actively contribute to practical activities.