There are four faculties in the School of Computer Science and Technology: Department of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Security and Experimental Teaching Center. They are responsible for the major education of Computer Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology(Power enterprise informationization), Software Engineering, Information Security and Network Engineering on the undergraduate level, as well as the education of basic Computer Science for students from all majors within the campus. The school has one second level master’s program of Power Information Technology, one Shanghai Key Discipline for Power Enterprise Informationization, one Key Discipline Shanghai Education Commission for Smart Grid Information Technology, one Shanghai Talent Heights for Computer Science and Technology, one National Excellent Engineer Education Program for Computer Science and Technology(Electricity Enterprise Information Technology)”, one Undergraduate major for Computer Science and TechnologyInnovation and Entrepreneurship and two Central and local laboratories.

The School has a strong scientific research ability and currently has undertaken more than 60 National Natural Science Foundations of China (NSFC), key projects of Chinese Ministry of Education, key projects of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission's Innovation Action Plan Project and the power enterprise commissioned scientific research projects. There are an annual research funding of more than 5 million yuan. The School has published more than 300 papers in important academic journals and academic conferences at home and abroad, including nearly 200 papers by SCI, EI and ISTP. In recent years, the school has applied for 10 national invention patents, and has obtained 3 software copyright registrations.Furthermore,the college has published more than 10 academic monographs and chapters in the world's top publishing houses.

The school insists on the road of running a school combining production, study and research and actively promotes the construction of science and technology innovation plans and platforms for college students. The professional direction of computer science and technology (Power enterprise informationization) is the first batch of undergraduate majors of the Excellent Engineer Education Program implemented by the state. The school is developing computer technology application talents with background of power knowledge according to new teaching models and programs. In recent years, the school has obtained a number of Shanghai teaching achievement awards and quality courses. Talent training quality has been continuously improved, and students' career prospects are bright.

The school actively promotes academic exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign counterparts. In recent years, four international academic conferences and two special committee meetings in Shanghai have been held to enhance the influence of the discipline at home and abroad. The School has invited famous overseas scholars to lecture for more than 10 times. The school sent nearly 10 key teachers to visit or study abroad, who have published more than 10 academic papers and strengthened cooperation and exchanges with domestic and foreign counterparts.

After nearly 20 years of construction and development, the disciplines of the school of Computer Science and Technology have formed distinctive power characteristics, and trained thousands of outstanding computer professionals, created a strong and high-level faculty,  nurtured a number of distinctive teaching and research achievements, strengthened academic exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign counterparts.

Simple for explicating one’s ambition, quiet to go far. The teachers and students of the school of Computer Science will be based on Shanghai, and face the power industry and look at the world. Take the discipline construction of Shanghai (085 Project) as an opportunity to move towards the goal of the teaching and research innovation school.

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