Shanghai University of Electric Power

SUEP has five subject categories of Engineering, Science, Management, Economics, and Literature, in which Engineering, Science, and Management are three major categories. SUEP has established 31 full-time undergraduate programs, including 16 undergraduate programs in Engineering, 6 undergraduate programs in Sciences, 5 undergraduate programs in Management, 2 undergraduate programs in Economics, and 2 undergraduate programs in Literature (see Annex 1 for details). SUEP has 1 Chinese Engineering Education Professional Certification, 3 National Professional Specialties, 1 Comprehensive Reform Pilot Professional of the Ministry of Education, 2 Comprehensive Reform Pilot Professionals of Shanghai.

SUEP currently has 6 key disciplines in Shanghai (including 1 Shanghai's first-rate university discipline) and 5 key disciplines in the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

SUEP strengthened the promotion of English/bi-lingual courses, excellent courses, key courses as well as the cultivation of famous teachers and effective guiding teachers to focus on classroom teaching to increase the amount of gold in teaching through systematic guarantees and incentive. SUEP has opened 82 bilingual and full English courses, including 23 full English courses, accounting for 28% of the total number of courses offered. There are 29 excellent courses in Shanghai. In the past five years, SUEP has been selected 35 courses as key courses in Shanghai.