Zhang Chuan Invited to Attend the 20th Annual Symposium of the Accounting Society of China

On November 19th and 20th, sponsored by the Higher Engineering College Chapter of the Accounting Society of China and hosted by the Comprehensive Evaluation Institute of High-quality Development of Southeast University and the Department of Finance and Accounting, the School of Economics and Management of Southeast University, the 29th Annual Symposium (2022) was held on and off the line with the theme Smart Accounting and Finance with High-quality Economic Growth. More than 10,000 experts and scholars from domestic colleges and universities, enterprises and public institutions attended the annual symposium with 500 participants in a Tencent meeting and audience as many as 6,700 people to watch the direct seeding. Zhang Chuan, chief accountant of our university, was invited to deliver a speech at the opening ceremony and host the Ziqi Zhongshan Forum with the theme of New Era, New Theme on the morning of November 19th.

In her address Zhang Chuan extended heartfelt gratitude to the Ministry of Finance and China Accounting Society for their guidance and support on the work of engineering colleges and universities on behalf of the Higher Engineering College Chapter of Accounting Society Of China, and to Gao Daping, deputy director of the Accounting Department of the Ministry of Finance for his presence at the annual meeting and for his making a speech, in which he gave wonderful guidance to the development of accounting research and thus made great contributions to promoting management accounting in China. She also gave thanks David Huang, a standing member of the Party Committee and vice president of Southeast University, for his sparing time attending the meeting and delivering a speech. Meanwhile she extended warm welcome to all the special guests who were to make keynote speeches at the symposium and showed her appreciation to Southeast University for hosting this annual seminar.

At the forum Zhang said that to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we gather together to communicate with one another on the innovation of accounting research in the era of great wisdom and cloud, which is of great significance in promoting high-quality economic growth in the new era and building up a modern socialist country in all respects. Meanwhile, the symposium provided accounting experts and scholars from higher engineering colleges with a platform to exchange their ideas and display their abilities so that they can strengthen their academic communication, kindle more inspiration in the teaching reform, and conduct an active exploration for the innovation and development of Chinese accounting with the introduction a new mode of development.




Contributor: College of Economics and Management