A Kick-off Meeting Held for the Evaluation of the Targeted Performance of the Affiliated Colleges, Departments and Institutes for the Year 2022

On the afternoon of March 24th, coordinated by the leading group of SUEP Comprehensive Education Reform, a kick-off meeting was held online for the targeted performance evaluation of all the affiliated colleges, departments and institutes of this university. All the concerned administrators were required to attend the meeting presided by Weng Peifen, head of the Working Group of the University Comprehensive Educational Reform and deputy Party secretary of SUEP.

On behalf of the Leading Group Office, Xu Qunjie, director of the Department of Development and Planning, informed how the target performance evaluation would be conducted in 2022 in light of the results of classification evaluation of the year 2021 practiced in Shanghai and the annual decomposition requirements to this university during the period of 14th Five-Year Plan. He also reviewed and interpreted the proposals in turn such as “The Evaluation Methods of the Targeted Performance of Each Afflicted College of SUEP, The Program to Implement the Evaluation of the Targeted Performance of the Party and Administration of SUEP for the Year 2022, and The Evaluation of the Targeted Performance of Teaching Affairs and Academic Research of the Affiliated Colleges, Departments and Institutes for the Year 2022”. Shi Fanghua, deputy director of the Department of Development and Planning, elaborated to all how to fill in mission statements of the year 2022 in the right way, and meanwhile he allocated tasks to be done next.

Weng Peifen, deputy Party Secretary of SUEP, claimed that the year 2022 is the second phase of the three-step developmental strategy adopted by the university, which is also very crucial to materialize the factual measures during the Period of the 14th Five-Year Plan. The targeted performance management is one of the important reform moves initiated by the university to facilitate the high-level development and enhance the inner qualities. Centering on the new round of performance evaluation reform, the university should focus on the methods of comprehensive evaluation, value-added evaluation, benefic evaluation and process evaluation all the time so as to integrate the set goals, multi-dimensional evaluation and effective use of evaluation results. We will strive to integrate the classification evaluation applied by the universities in Shanghai, the 14th Five-Year Plan, the construction of high-level local universities and the building of innovative teams into the evaluation system and translate it into the key work of the whole year. He stressed that each college should take further steps to work out their mission statements on the targeted performance evaluation and concrete plans based on their annual work plan so that a strong sense of responsibility will developed in the reform subjects and the spontaneity, initiative and creativity will be fully aroused in the faculty. All the colleges must work together with active cooperation to join forces for the shared goal. By seizing the opportunity of conducting a new round of targeted performance management, we must make further performance-oriented moves, constantly improve the internal governance system, enhance our competence in management and keep on stimulating the internal motivation so that we will ensure the university a more promising future.



Contributor: Department of Development and Planning