A Democratic Meeting Exclusively for the Study and Education of the Party History Held Lately at This University

On the afternoon of January 24th, the managerial staffs of the university assembled on Yangpu campus to attend the routine democratic meeting especially for the study and education of the history of the Communist Party of China. The meeting aimed to vigorously promote the great spirit of Party Construction, keep on gaining experience from the Party's centennial history of struggle, boost up our confidence from the glorious history, undertake the mission of the times, cultivate an intense concern to the people, make bold to practice our duties, and lead the people with solidarity as the top priority so as to stand the test of the new era.

This meeting has been highly sanctioned and strongly supported by the Party Committee of the Municipal Education and Health Work and the 4th Touring Advisory Group for the Party History Study and Education. The group leader and members of the Advisory Group paid a visit to our university for supervision. The management of the university attended the meeting chaired by Li Mingfu, secretary of the Party Committee of this university.

At first Li Mingfu informed the preparatory work made for the democratic meeting and presented requests for improvement. He delivered a speech on behalf of the management of the university. Afterwards the members of the university-based management and the Party Secretary Committee shared their opinions in turn, checked their work done closely according to the relevant requirements, and started a serious criticism and self-criticism.

The leader of the 4th Tour Advisory Group for the Party History Study and Education first remarked about the study and education of the Party history launched at our university. He pointed out that the Party Committee of our university has been attaching great importance to promoting the study and education of the Party history with an iron hand in the organizational work; the Party Committee took the lead to learn and then learn in depth; they keep on playing roles such as bellwether, disciple, tutor, preacher, supervisor and practitioner in studying and promoting the Party history; and therefore, we introduced these new moves to gain wisdom, to boost up confidence, to enhance the sense of morality and to get involved in social practices by learning history. The Party Committee adheres to the principles of basing on a new starting-point, building up a new pattern, formulating a new layout, erecting a new platform, exploring new models and stimulating new impetus. By initiating the six new moves the university plunged herself into a new journey in company with the Party and the national development; with solid social practices, the Committee translated the achievements in the study and education of the Party history into the motivation to creating a brighter future for the university; the study and education of the Party history has been conducted in a lively way and dubbed as a university with the discipline of electric power as its paragon. And then, he remarked about the preparations and conventions especially for the study and education of the Party history under the leadership of the university management.

Finally Li Mingfu delivered a speech on behalf the management of the university, saying that the opinions offered by the Tour Advisory Group were very pertinent and instructive. He expressed heartfelt gratitude to their meticulous guidance and their concern and help to the development of our university, promising that at their request and with President Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the New Era as the navigator, we will develop a deeper understanding of the great significance of “Two Assurances/Establishments”, persist in “Two Up-holdings” and try to satisfy the people with more qualifying higher education; we will boost up confidence from the glorious history of the Party and normalize the study and education of the Party history at the university; we will remain committed to internal revolution and govern the university with an iron hand in a profounder way so as to welcome the impending 20th National Congress of CPC with wonderful performance in disciplining the Party members and running the university.

What the management of the university will have to do next is to work out a to-dos list to solve the problems found in the study and education of the Party history in combination with the advice and suggestions presented before the meeting and in the criticisms started at the meeting. Measures for improvement will be taken and the concerned responsibilities are hoped to be distributed individually. We insist that we make corrections once we find errors through rigid examination and keep to coordinated promotion and integrated rectification so that more effects will be achieved in conducting the democratic meeting practically and efficiently and fresh impetuses will be given continually to the development of the university in all respects in a highly-efficient and profound way.

   Contributor: Organization Department of the University Party Committee