Deans and Directors Gathered to Take the Annual Challenge

January 9th, 2022 witnessed the gathering of 44 heads and directors from the departments and colleges of the university in the No. 1 Conference Room on the ninth floor of the administrative center on Yangpu campus to sign the 2021 Core Mission Statements in the form of oral defense and report. They were intensely examined by a judging panel, which is composed of the management, deans of each college, representatives of the Faculty's Congress, the recommended Party members, and representatives from the democratic parties, academic committees, professors, young teachers and students. In accordance with the requirements of pandemic prevention and control, the evaluation was conducted online and offline, which was hosted by Weng Peifen, head of the Working Group of the University-based Comprehensive Educational Reform and deputy secretary of the Party committee of the university.  

President Li Hexing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, stressed in his address that over the past four years the evaluation of the core mission statements has given an impetus to promoting the highly-qualified development of the university. The annual assessment of the core mission statements is not only a display of the achievements of each department and college, but also their test results. He hoped that each department and college would seize the opportunity to take the oral defense and work report seriously and show their best. With the overall situation taken into consideration, all the judges listened carefully and made a justifiable assessment. They strongly believed that a rigid assessment is an engine for a great leap forward. All the faculty members and students of this university are believed to go all out to start a new journey, to pursue their dreams and write a new chapter in 2022.

Xu Qunjie, director of the Department of Development and Planning, elaborated the relevant requirements for the assessment on behalf of the Working Group of the University-based Comprehensive Educational Reform. And then, all the 44 directors of the functional departments and deans of colleges checked the requirements closely made clear in their core mission statements in terms of their divisions of labor. They reported the completion of their tasks centering on the difficulties of the missions and highlighted their best. They made a detailed analysis of their weakness and disadvantages in fulfilling the missions and presented new ideas and work plans for the coming year.

Li Mingfu, secretary of the Party committee of the university, made a summarized remark along with a work deployment for the upcoming year. First he gave thanks to all the faculty for their conscientious work in the past year on behalf of the management of the university. He said that in 2021, against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic, all the functional departments and colleges showed their enterprising spirit and high morale; they forged ahead toward the goal of building a high-level university. Up till now many breakthroughs have been made, and their work deserves their achievements. He hoped that all the functional departments and colleges would hold a rational attitude towards the results of the assessment; but the key is to pass the assessment and find out the root causes of the problems. It is necessary to review and summarize what we did in 2021, but more important to work out a good plan for the year 2022. He stressed that after the examination, the university will give immediate feedback too all the involved parties. Each department and college must hold a meeting to find the gap, find out the shortcomings, weigh upon the orientation of their efforts, and urge every member of this university to shoulder the responsibility with the overall situation taken into consideration and strive for the enhancement of the core competitiveness and common goals of the university.

In the end, he put forward three requirements associated with the core mission of the university during the Spring Festival: to ensure a further normalization of prevention and control of the pandemic; to ensure all the students a normal life who will stay on the campus during the winter vacation; to show deep concern and give due condolences to those in need.



Contributor: Department of Development and Planning