The Task to Undertake the 2022 NPEE at Our University Accomplished as Scheduled

On December 25-26, 2021, the 2022 National Postgraduate Entrance Examinations (NPEE, a preliminary examination for would-be prostgraduates) were held at our university. As such a test center for the first time, we went all out to achieve the goal to have all qualified take the exams. This year more than 4,000 candidates across the country have taken our university into their first consideration, among whom nearly 1,800 local candidates (including 755 candidates who aimed to enter for Shanghai Maritime University) have taken the examinations on Yangpu campus. Over 60 classrooms of five teaching buildings were provided to the examinees. And more than 400 staff members and volunteers got involved in the respective tasks such as supervision and inspection, examination affairs, logistics, security, guidance and consultation.

As the postgraduate entrance examinations are of vital importance to the vast majority of candidates so far as their interests are concerned, they have aroused wide intensive attention. However, due to the latest recurrence of the Covid-19 Pandemic in quite a few places of the country, we had to suffer great pressures to secure the successful operation of the National Postgraduate Entrance Examinations and handle the relevant complicated organizational work.A team was formed for the manipulation of these examinations by the university with Party Secretary Li Mingfu and President Li Hexing as leaders, and with Feng Jinzhang and Huang Dongmei as assisting leaders. A working party was established exclusively to handle the examination business. As a chief examiner, Huang Dongmei led the party with five groups involved while Tang Zhong, dean of the Graduate School, and Wang Fei, director of the Logistics Department, worked as deputy examiners. The coordination and specific labor of division was conducted by the Office of Party Secretary Committee, the President Office, the Graduate School, Modern Education and Technology Center, the Logistics Department, the Security Section and so on. 

In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, along with the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Examination Institute, the Graduate School of this university held a few meetings for coordination, weighed upon the details and worked out a program to organize and secure the operation of NPEE, in which the requirements for the security of the examinations and for the pandemic prevention and control are clarified as well as the responsibilities of all the functional departments. The details such as how the examinees entered the examination room, the routes for the exam inspectors and proctors, necessary stuffs for pandemic prevention and how they should be placed were taken into consideration. Based on the schemes provided by Shanghai Education Commission and Shanghai Examination Institute, the university spared some classrooms for those in need and for quarantine.  

Besides our testing center, the candidates who entered for SUEP were scattered in more than 300 test sites across the country. On the principles of “having all qualified candidates take the examinations, clarifying the duties and offering satisfactory service”, the university accomplished the tasks as expected and worn the recognition of the Shanghai Education Commission and Shanghai Examination Institute.  


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