“Celebrate the Centenary Anniversary and Remain Loyal to the Party” --- A Grand Singing Competition Held at This University in Memory of the December 9th Movement

On the evening of December 7th, a grand singing competition in memory of the 86th anniversary of the December 9th Movement” was held in the theatre of the Recreational Center for Students located on the Pudong Campus of this university. Among the distinguished guests there are Weng Peifen, deputy Party secretary, Pan Weiguo, Party secretary of the College of Energy and Mechanical Engineering, Ma Guoxiang, secretary of the Youth League and vice director of the Department of Students’ Work, Qi Yongxiao, deputy Party secretary of the College of Computer Science and Technology, Zhou Dongmei, deputy Party secretary of the College of Electronic and Information Engineering, Meng Yanxin, deputy Party secretary of the College of Economics and Management, Zhao Yueqin, deputy Party secretary of the the College of Mathematics and Physics, and Yu Jia, deputy Party secretary of the College of Foreign languages. Li Yifei, a student from the College of Electric Engineering, and Pang Jun, a student from the College of Economics and Management, co-hosted the competition.

Weng Peifen stressed in his address that the annual Singing Competition in memory of the December 9th Incident is an extolment of the bright future the whole country is about to embrace on the path to national rejuvenation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, a conveyance of the ideals and beliefs deeply rooted in the Chinese nation from generation to generation, an expression of the unfathomable love and good wishes of the whole university for the motherland, and a firm confidence and determination of the youth to remain loyal to the Party all the time. He urged that all the students should try to acquire the essence of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and always bear in mind the prescription by President Xi Jinping, “The young Chinese people in the new era should undertake the mission to realize the national rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, strengthen their enterprising spirit and moral integrity and boost up their confidence so that they will go with the current of the times, seize the day and the live up to the expectations of the Party and the people. ”

Celebrate the centenary anniversary and always follow the Steps of the Party was designated as the theme of the singing competition, for which 15 classes in total from 9 colleges of the university ran in turns, offering the audience a visual and acoustic feast in various forms of art, such as recitation, dance, musical instrument playing, martial arts, scene play and so on. The members of the judging panel read as follows: Ji Dongyong, an associate professor and master's supervisor of the Department of Music Engineering of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Sun Yi, a young teacher from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and Huang Xin, a teacher from the College of Humanities and Arts of this university. The performers truly exalted the audience with their passion and enthusiasm and their singing performances are highly artistic. So far as formation, recitation, voice parts in their choruses, habiliment and style are concerned, the performers have worked on them a lot and done their best. They made bold to adapt the original music work and I would like to praise you all. I do hope that all of you will continue to strive for perfection and show your true colors as young Chinese people in the new era with artistic approaches. Ji commented.

Eventually, the first prizes went to Class 2021132 from the College of Economics and Management and Class 2021YK01 from the College of Mathematics and Mathematics. The Top Popularity Award and the Top Creativity Award also went to Class 2021132 while the Best Style Award fell into the hands of Class 2021YK01. The Best Conductor Award was grabbed by Class 202102J1 from the College of Electric Engineering.

To normalize the prevention and control of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Youth League of the university strictly in accordance with the work deployment of the school epidemic situation prevention and control office, strictly control the number of participants, do a good job of health protection, each college watching representatives sit at intervals, each participating class in batches into the field, in and out of the separation, sequential performance, the epidemic prevention and control work will be accurately implemented in place. The school league committee further deepened the reform of campus cultural construction, boldly innovated, and innovated the voting form of the competition, adopted the way that the Wechat official account voted to decide the best personality award, let more students participate in the singing competition, and let more students draw strength from the 12 / 9 movement, enhance patriotism, and adhere to the unity of patriotism, love for the party and socialism.