A Breakthrough Achieved in the Competition at the National Level and Bronze Medal Grabbed by Students from Our University

Recently an innovative program of our university in science and technology has achieved a breakthrough in the Seventh China International Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for University Students. With the tutorship of Liu Daming and Li Jinguo, two teachers from the College of Computer Science and Technology, and Jin Wenxing as the correspondent, Xia Yunshu, Hou Shiqi, Zhang Yuxiu, Ge Jiangyan, Chen Yingchun, Zhang Mengting, Cheng Yihong, He Keyuan and so on grabbed the bronze medal in the National Final Contest for Higher Education with their project Top Speed Smart Charger - One-stop Charging Device.

The China International Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for University Students is jointly sponsored by 12 central ministries, including the Ministry of Education, and local and province-based governments. It is presently the highest standard innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students in China. Since it was launched in March 2021, the university has been attaching great importance to it. The Office of Academic Affairs, the Graduate School, the Office of Industrial Production and other departments have been co-working to carry out the project cultivation. All the colleges of this university also gave wide publicity to it with intense mobilization. They try to develop an interdisciplinary way of thinking through spurring innovation and entrepreneurship and plunge themselves to help the project go further and deeper so that it can be implemented in a practical way. The College of Computer Science and Technology to which the team working on the program belonged mobilized the concerned staffs to have a careful examination of the materials of the project and the tutors offered guidance all the way. The team members drilled and improved the project continuously and eventually they stood out.

In recent years, the university has been endeavoring to pave the way to introduce the mode of teaching and practice striving for the improvements in teaching, learning and innovation through competition, in which the education of innovation and entrepreneurship will thread through the process of talent training, and the students' overall competence in innovation and entrepreneurship and in social practice will be greatly improved. Now their efforts have already achieved great effects.