Honors Showered upon the “Sonorous National Anthem”, a Volunteering Team from the College of Foreign Languages

In December, the volunteering team Sonorous National Anthem from the College of Foreign Languages was invited to attend the Summary Meeting of Volunteers serving the National Anthem Exhibition Hall with the Tour to Study Red History. The College of Foreign Languages and some volunteers were awarded the honorary titles of Excellent Volunteer Organization, Outstanding Volunteer in Charge and Elite Volunteer serving the National Anthem Exhibition Hall for the year 2021. Recently, the volunteering team has been also awarded the honorary title University-based Outstanding Volunteers’ Project.

To arouse young people of their patriotism and guide them to carry on the revolutionary spirit, this May the Youth League Committee of the College of Foreign Language reached an agreement with the National Anthem Exhibition Hall to form the volunteering team Sonorous National Anthem. The team is the messenger dispatched by the College of Foreign Languages to publicize the national affairs, undertaking the mission to relate and advocate the history of the national anthem and to promote the spirit contained in it. With volunteering service as the foreground, and well-known for its innovative spirit, the team organized some well-received activities, such as a singing party to chant Red songs to salute the 70th anniversary of the founding of the university and walk hand in hand together, a nail painting show, a speech contest “I Have Something to Say about the National Anthem and so on.

The youth dedicate themselves to serving the society while the Red melody carries on the revolutionary spirit. Through the offline and online interaction the team “Sonorous National Anthem has gradually established a 1 + 5 + X network system. Namely, they employ the WeChat Public Account as their major strategic battlefield to conduct Red Education. Meanwhile they also host the events of publicity on the website of bilibili, on the campuses, in the National Anthem Exhibition Hall, via their WeChat video account, and in the QQ Space so as to spread its influence upon other Red Education sites.

Up till now the team has served more than 10 teams and 800 visitors with more than 200 hours of explanation and guidance. They released seven articles successively on their WeChat Public Account, including I Have an Appointment with the National Anthem and Salute the National Anthem, which have attracted more than 800 followers. They also released self-made videos with the theme of the national anthem on the website of Bilibili, WeChat Video World, QQ Space to promote the inspiring spirit in the anthem. Now the team has achieved remarkable achievements and has been widely acknowledged. With their passion they devoted themselves to promoting innovation and serving the people. Inspired by the spirit of the national anthem, they have written new chapters for themselves as volunteers and realized their dreams with painstaking efforts.