“Little Leaves” Members Reported by CCTV and Some Local Mass Media

On November 3rd, Huang Chen, a volunteer serving the Fourth Expo and student from the College of Mathematics and Physics of this university, was interviewed by the channel CCTV-13 as a member of “Little Leaves”, a volunteering group of ours, serving the Expo for the third time. As a member of ‘Little Leaves’ serving the Expo for the third time, I’m  very familiar with the daily routines of a volunteer, so I hope that by sharing my own experience I will help the students around me adapt themselves to the volunteering work as soon as possible.He said.

It is the third time that Huang Chen worked for the Expo as a volunteer work. He has ever taken an oath at the mobilization ceremony on behalf of 4746 volunteers before serving Shanghai Import Exposition. As a Grade-3 Little Leaf, Huang Chen kept pace with the Expo. When he worked for the Expo as a volunteer for the first time, he happened to submit a letter of application to join the Communist Party of China. When he volunteered to work for the Expo the second time, he was very active as a would-be Party member. By this October he joined the volunteering team for the third time to serve the Expo, he had evolved himself into an honorable member of the Communist Party of China. He argued that it is under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and thanks to the heroic spirit of the Party members generation after generation, their constant struggle, and their gritting for the lofty goals in the past century that we have won one victory after another in Chinese revolution before 1949 and the socialist construction and reform of the People’s Republic of China. He said that as young people living in the new era, they must show their youthfulness and dedicated spirit while serving the Expo so that they will add splendor to the grandeur of the Expo with high spirits and strenuous efforts. 

Besides, Hou Mingyan, a Grade-3 member of “Little Leaves” and a student from the College of Electronic and Information Engineering, and Wu Yunke, a “Grade-2 member of “Little Leaves” and a student from the College of Electric Engineering and so on have also been reported by some local newspapers and mass media such Youth and Young Shanghai. Wu Yunke said that as a badge-collector-turned designer, he hoped that all the members of 'Little Leaves' would gain more strength from the badge and display their youthful demeanor on the international stage provided by the Expo. Hou Mingyan, as the Level-One experienced member of Little Leaves, expressed his hopes that by recording the beautiful moments of volunteers at work, he would help people better understand the Expo and the members of Little Leaves and aid the volunteers to acquire a stronger sense of honor, responsibility and mission.

During the days serving the Expo, the volunteers “Little Leaves” have demonstrated the good image of our university by making their friendliness felt and exemplifying the civilized manners. They are now a major vehicle to serve the society on behalf of our university. The University Youth League has always bearing in mind the mission of educating people and training talents for the Party and for the country. They never ceased to integrate morality education into the students’ daily practice. In doing their duty, the students demonstrated their dedication spirit as a young generation in the new era, and materialized their solemn oath Never betray the trust of the Party and do our parts for Chinese rejuvenation.


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