Vice President Feng Jinzhang Made A Visit of the New Recruits Enlisted Earlier This Year

    While in youth we must pursue our dreams. When necessary we must abandon the pen for the sword to defend our motherland. Early this year 20 students from our university were recruited to a naval force stationed in Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province. On April 15th, Feng Jinzhang, vice president of SUEP, made a special visit there on behalf of the university to express the concern to 20 raw recruits. Among his retinue there were Jin Wei, director of the Security Department, Chen Shanshan, deputy director of the Students’ Affairs Division, and Li Yongbin, deputy director of the Teaching Affairs Office, as well as the vice Party Secretaries in charge of the students’ affairs from all the colleges of the university.

    At the meeting with the new recruits, Feng inquired the new recruits about their training in the army, their life and their study. He gave them due consolation in the name of the university, stressing that it was urgent to attract talents with high aptitude to enter the service and make contribution to the construction of the nation and the army troops, which is also an important mission our university has been undertaking in training talents. He encouraged that they set their hearts at rest to serve the ranks without wasting their golden days, try to display their abilities on the broader stage and go through all the challenges in the legion as a melting pot; furthermore, they should hold on to their aspirations, try to write a new chapter of their lives, translate their love for

the country into tangible social practice and set a brilliant example for all the other students of SUEP.

    The Vice Party Secretaries from the secondary colleges forwarded some hand-written letters by and gifts from their classmates to the new recruits. The newly-enlisted soldiers said that they would highly value the opportunity to go through the mill in the army so as to live up to the expectations of their Alma Mater.

    The university has been giving much importance to the follow-up education among the newly-enlisted students these years. It has been a tradition for the university administration to make a visit of the new recruits. This helps a lot in setting their mind at rest, exhausting their passion in the military training and strengthening their sense of glory and their sense of responsibility in the national defense.