Li Xinguo, an Alumnus and National May 1st Labor Medalist for the Year 2021

  On April 27th, 2021, a great celebration of the May 1st International Labor Day, along with a mobilization meeting for labor and skills competition with the theme of “achieving meritorious achievements in the 14th five year plan and striving for a new journey”, was held in the People’s Memorial Hall of Beijing. Some 397 exemplary units and 1197 model workers in total were awarded national May 1st Labor Medals and honorary titles respectively while 1297 exemplary units or organizations were bestowed with the Pioneers of National Workers.

  Li Xinguo, who graduated from this university in 1990 as a major in Electric System and Automation and now works in Wuhan Electric Company Affiliated to the State Grid as vice Party secretary and general manager, was awarded the May 1st Labor Medal of China.

  Li Xinguo, who has dedicated himself to the electric power industry for 31 years, has made great contribution to the construction of Wuhan City since he came to Wuhan Electric Company two years ago. He took the lead to shoulder the responsibilities to confront against the Covid-19 Pandemic and guarantee the normal electric supply to the city. Within only three and five days respectively electric power had been successfully transmitted to Leishenshan Hospital and Huoshenshan Hospital and the heart-blood was steadily provided to some 661 local key users. During the fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic his hard work has been greatly appreciated by the statesmen and leaders of the Communist Party of China, say, Premier Li Keqiang. He worked very hard to expand the electric network and talk the local government into investing RMB24.33 billion on building an electric network as long as 394.9 kilometers. He always keeps the people’s livelihood on his mind and up till now he has put 30 moves into practice to enhance the electricity-operating environment. With his assistance Wuhan has been selected as one of the beacon cities of China in operating environment as expected.

  Li Xinguo said: “Behind the brightly-lit China are standing numerous hard-working electric workers with a strong sense of responsibility throughout the country. Their practical action is a vivid interpretation of the dedicated spirit embodied in the model workers. I am only just one of them. This May 1st Labor Medal not only belongs to me but to all the electric workers of the country. ”

 Li promised that he would take the honor as a spur to work in a down-to-earth manner and continue to strive for loftier goals. “Time and tide wait for no man.” With a strong will to struggle for higher goals he will try to promote the great spirit of fighting against the Pandemic and carry on the spirit of model workers as a torchbearer. To achieve greater achievements in building an all-around modern socialist country he will work harder to give full support to the fulfillment of the great Chinese Dream.