Li Mingfu Gave the First Lecture of the Course on President Xi’s Theories of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

  “Nowadays if you ask me which political party, which country, and which nationality are qualified to be fully confident, I would say that the Communist Party of China, the People’s Republic of China, and the Chinese nation have the fullest reason to be self-assured.” The evening of April 13 witnessed that the classroom 204 of No. 1 Teaching Building was brightly lit and filled with audience. Li Mingfu, Party Secretary of SUEP, gave an ideological lesson to the students from every college with the title “The Question of a Great Age-Where Should Modern China Eventually Go on the Path to the National Rejuvenation”. This is also the first lecture of the course newly offered to the students, i.e. A General Review of Xi Jinping’s Theories of the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era. 

    Through the lecture, Li centered around three themes such as “the Socialism with Chinese characteristics is a historical conclusion and a choice by the people”, “The new era marks a new positioning in the national development”, and “the highlight of Xi Jinping’s thought on the socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era is to adhere to developing socialism with Chinese characteristics”. Based on his own study, his own working experience and his own reflections of life, Li put across the concerned theories with easy language as well as some vivid case studies. He provided the students with a systemic and penetrative interpretation of the fundamental orientation of modern China in development and had them realize from deep within why the Communist Party of China have been competent, why Marxism could take hold in China, and why the socialism with Chinese characteristics does work in China. They also realized that they take the initiative to arm themselves with increasing political and ideological awareness. While scheming an overall strategy of seeking the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and embracing an unprecedented opportunity since the 20th century, everyone should volunteer to study Xi Jinping’s thought on the socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era, uphold and develop the current social system and spare no pains to contribute to the rejuvenation of the Chines nation. 

The first lecture lasted one and a half hours and was received with a thundering applause. In the words of the attendees, this ideological lesson is a big feast with a highly political awareness, a sound theoretical basis, and a broad vision of the modern times, along with much realistic significance, much practicality and much humanistic concern; It has set a good example on how to teach and study the courses of the same kind, how to enrich our minds and how to achieve good effects in the ideological classes.

    This year, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, we opened this ideological course in time closely connected with the new era, and the destiny of our motherland and all the faculty and students. The course is intended to guide the students to study on the whole Xi Jinping’s theories on the Socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era, ponder over them and find out some effective ways to put them into social practice. We must have a good command of the theories, bear in mind “Four Awarenesses” and boost up “Four Confidences”. Meanwhile, we must stand up resolutely for President Xi Jinping as the core of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the authoritative leadership of CPC, trying to cultivate socialist builders and successors well developed in various respects so that we will be able to fulfill the mission to rejuvenate the Chinese nation as soon as possible.  

   As for the course organization, some academic teams were formed to undertake different subject matters, among which there is one led by the university administrators and some concerned specialists from different universities as well as some core lecturers from the College of Marxist Studies. It is agreed that all the questions be collected and discussed on the table, an intensive training be available to improve the participants’ aptitude, and the lessons be prepared by all. In conformity with the required Eight Unifications presented by President Xi Jinping at the Forum for Teachers of Ideological and Political Theory Course, we must try to make the course more ideologically sensitive with a sounder theoretical basis as well as more affinity and pertinence. We must strive to integrate the unique characteristics of our university with the course so that better teaching effects will be achieved in the class.