Comprehensive Recruitment Fairs Held Exclusively for Class 2021 in Spring Time

    In March 23rd and 24th, two comprehensive recruitment fairs exclusively for Class 2021 were held successively in the square in front of the Academics Building on the Lingang Campus. About 1000 graduates-to-be showed up in the fair.

On the premise that the Novel-19 Pandemic has been controlled as a New Normal, the university held these two important events in order to ensure higher employment of the graduates of Class 2021, help them get hired as they will, and fulfill the mission of Six Ensured Stabilities and Securities. About 317 enterprises from all over the country and different walks have been attracted to the two recruitment fairs, which. Among them there are State Power Investment Co. Ltd, Power Construction Corporation of China, China Coal Group, China Shipbuilding NDRI Engineering Co., Ltd , Shanghai Electric Group, Shanghai Telecom Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Construction Group Co. Ltd etc. With a wide range of industries such as electrics, energy, chemistry, manufacture, education, IT and finance involved in the two fairs as well as so many well-known enterprises and companies, the graduates of Class 2021 have been provided with a good number of decent job opportunities.  

The graduates swarmed into the fairs but they kept in order all the time. They submitted their resumes and took the initiative to sell themselves out and conduct face-to-face communication with the representatives of the companies to know better the job requirements and the career development so that they would be able to seek more job opportunities. Some graduates interviewed commented, “The two fairs are the largest events sponsored by university this semester with so many enterprises involved and job opportunities offered. We will try to take the chance to sell ourselves out so that we can ensure our employment as soon as possible and realize our goals in the ideal posts.”

The university has been attaching much importance to the employment of graduates at different levels. Up till now a few mobilization meetings have been held for Class 2021 with specific, timely and efficient guidance for their employment and career plans. Every day the Division of Recruitment and Employment of the university would update the sources of employment and host a few relevant meetings on and off the line. The Division also tries to promote it via WeChat and the Website for employment. Each college makes their efforts by ways and means to help the graduates get more information about the employment. These two recruitment fairs have successfully created a welcome environment for the graduates to get themselves hired as expected and have laid a solid foundation to improve the overall employment of the graduates from this university.