SUEP Successfully Holds Singing Competition for 85th Anniversary of “Dec 9” Movement

On December 9, 2020, the school held a singing competition to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the “Dec 9” Movement at the Auditorium of the Student Activity Center on Lingang Campus. Chen Ming, chairman of Shanghai Shangyin Performance Company, Teacher Sun Yi with Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and Teacher Huang Xin from the Art Education Center of SUEP served the judges of the competition.

Under the theme of “firmly following the Party and forging ahead in a new era”, 17 classes from 10 secondary colleges presented an audio-visual feast with high spirits and enthusiasm. They also added poetry recitation, dance, musical instrument playing and situation dialogue in their performances, enriching stage forms and effect of the competition.

In accordance with the specific requirements of the school’s Party committee for regular epidemic prevention and control, the competition was held with no on-site audience by the Youth League Committee. The performing classes were divided into different batches, separated from each other, and controlled by strict body temperature measurement. But innovation enriched simplified procedures, and no enthusiasm was hurt by the absence of on-site audience.

In the end, Class 2020141 of the College of Electronics and Information Engineering and Class 2020029 of the College of Electrical Engineering won the first prize. The Best Creativity Award, the Best Stage Presence Award and the Best Command Award came to Class 2020141, Class 2020029 and Class 2019161 respectively.