The department of physical education undertakes public sports teaching, group activities and training and competition of high-level sports teams. At present, there are 27 staff members, including 3 doctors, 8 masters and 9 senior teachers.

The important content of the college is carrying out campus sports activities, various traditional competitions innovatively, and building sports competition platform. At present, there are many leagues conclude SUEP cup, the freshman cup, the basketball league cup, the football league cup and so on.

The college has two high level sports teams approved by the ministry of education. Fencing is a tradition project which is focus training in the college, since recruiting students in 2006 by approval of the ministry of education, the department got more than 170 gold, silver and copper medals in national and provincial competition, and there are several team members which are selected in Chinese college students team to participate in the World University Games. The handball team won National Collegiate Championship in 2013 and 2014 by continuously innovated in training methods.

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