College of Marxism is the second Department which directly under SUEP, and it became an independent institution that separated from Humanity and Management Department. Department of Social Sciences includes four teaching and research sections, that is teaching and research section of Marxist Theory, teaching and research section of Politics Education, research section of Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and research section of Humanity Cultural. Department has 27 staff members, including Dr. 20, 2 professors, 11 associate professors. 

College of Marxism emphasizes teaching and scientific research, and has made great achievements in recent years. It has obtained 1 first prize of Shanghai teaching achievement, published 12 monographs and 7 textbooks, and successively undertook the Research on the Development of China's Early Electric Power Industry. US Government Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. (1879-1950) as a Basic Point and 6 National Social Science Fund Projects, “Thematic Interpretation of Traditional Culture in Modern Ideological and Political Education,” and “The Belt and Road Initiative,” the Power Soft Power Construction of Electric Power Enterprises Research on the Influence of Social Democratic Trends of Thoughts on College Students and Countermeasures, etc. The Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project and the Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Project have published a total of nearly 60 articles in the CSSCI journal.

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