The College of Economics and Management covers the main disciplines of both Economics and Management through 4 departments of Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, Public Administration, and Economics and Trade. There are 7 undergraduate majors in the college, including Business Administration, Information Management and Information Systems, International Economy and Trade, Public Affairs Administration, Logistics Management, Project Management, and Economics. The college provides Master Degree in both Level-1 Discipline of “Management Science and Engineering” and Level-2 Discipline of “Electric Power Engineering Economics and Management”. There are 4 major research centers including Electrical Safety Management, Financial Power, Smart Grid Management, and Energy Economy.

The college’s full-time faculty and staff members are 88, including 10 professors, 30 associate professors, 2 Consulting Professors, 1 Oversea Scholar as well as 14 part-time professors. Many staff members have been awarded famous honorary titles, such as Shanghai Famous Outstanding University Teacher, Shanghai Outstanding Educators, Shanghai Yucai Award, Baosteel Education Outstanding Teacher Award, and so on.

Teaching reform in the college is fruitful, like the Prize of Shanghai Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award, Shanghai University Outstanding Teaching Textbook, Key Courses honored by Shanghai Education Commission, 3 English Teaching Model Courses in Shanghai Universities, and so on. 

The college also has got great achievements in scientific research. There are more than 400 academic papers published in various journals at home and abroad, more than 30 research projects funded by the National Social Science Fund, National Science Foundation, Ministry of Education, the Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai, and so on. The college has been trying to keep closely connected with the Electric Power Companies, thus has drawn high praise and reputation by serving them as well as the community and society.

The college has magnificent laboratory center which covers most undergraduate majors, like “Electric Economics and Management Experimental Center”, “Modern Logistics Training Center”, “Project Management Training Center”, “New Energy Economy Simulation Laboratory”, and “Smart Grid-oriented Business Management Simulation Laboratory”, and so on.

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