The College of Electrical Engineering has the longest history, the largest size, the strongest strength and the most distinctive features of electric power. There are about 1,500 undergraduates, and nearly 500 graduate students. Currently, the college has 102 faculty members, including 14 professors, 42 associate professors and one national candidate for “One Hundred Thousand Projects”, one national outstanding teacher, one Shanghai Oriental Scholar and one Shanghai distinguished teacher. 

The college possesses the national experimental teaching demonstration center of “New Energy Electric Power System”, shanghai experimental teaching demonstration center of “Electrical and Electronic” in our school. At the same time, the college has “Shanghai Power Station Automation Technology”, “Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Green Energy Grid-Connected Technology”, Shanghai engineering technology research center of Power Conversion and Shanghai research and development service platform of “Advanced measurement and control technology of electric power electronic power grid” at provincial and ministerial level. The college consists of two experiment centers “Power Engineering” and “Electrical Engineering & electronics”, as well as two research institutes “New Energy and Smart Technology for Power Supply and Utilization” and “Electrical Science and Technology”.

The college possesses undergraduate major of electrical engineering and automation which is the special specialty of higher education and the first batch of Pilot Specialty of “excellent engineers program” from the Ministry of Education, the Pilot Specialty in Comprehensive Reform in Shanghai, and the first batch of applied undergraduate course in Shanghai. The college is able to recruit and train academic graduate students independently at the first-level of electrical engineering (including 9 second-level disciplines such as Power System & Automation, High Voltage and Insulation Technology, Power Electronics and Power Drives, etc.), and majoring in electrical engineering Degree master point was officially approved in 2014.

Electrical engineering is the only one (nurturing) construction discipline of SUEP included in Shanghai “Peak and Highland disciplines” and Shanghai “First-Class disciplines”. There are two key disciplines of Shanghai Education Commission “Power Safety and Energy Saving” and “Smart Grid Technology and Engineering” and one key discipline of Shanghai “Modern Power System and Power Plant Automation”.

Some research works are at the leading level domestically. The college has gained great achievements with over 200 research projects have been committed, including more than 60 projects such as the National 863 Project, National Support Plan, Sino-Europe Energy Cooperation Project, the National Natural Science Foundation Project and some significant and key projects of science and technology in Shanghai. Among these programs, there are 21 programs that awarded for scientific research achievement at provincial and ministerial level (including 1 National Science and Technology Progress Award), 8 courses are listed as Shanghai excellent courses, and 4 Shanghai teaching achievements are also awarded (including 3 first class prizes).

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