College of Environmental and Chemical Engineering (CECE) is composed of five departments: Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Process, Environmental Engineering, Materials Chemistry and Material Science and Engineering. Each department offers undergraduate programs. CECE is well-equipped with facilities for scientific research and has three State or Shanghai Key Laboratories and four Engineering and Technology Research Centers, including the former State Key Laboratory of Corrosion and Protection for Thermal Power Equipment in Power Corporations (Ministerial level), the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Materials Protection and Advanced Materials in Electric Power, the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Corrosion Control and Applied Electrochemistry in Electric Power Systems, and the Shanghai municipal engineering and technology research centers (Electric Power Energy Conversion, New Anti-corrosion Material, Energy Saving of Heat Exchange Systems and Environmental Protection in Power Generation).

CECE is staffed by Faculty with strong professional experiences in teaching as well as in scientific research. There are 67 staff members, 15 professors, 23 associate professors, including one “Double hired academician”, one “National Outstanding Youth”, one “National youth”, one “Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leader”, one “Shanghai Leading Talent”, four “Oriental Scholar”, two “New Century Excellent Talent” offered by Ministry of Education, five “Shanghai Shuguang Scholars”, two “Shanghai Pujiang Talents”, three winners of “Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Venus”, two “Shanghai Dawn Plan Talent”, one “Shanghai Talent Development Fund” winner, one “Shanghai Yangfan project”. The College also recruited two “Shanghai Overseas Scholar”, as well as nine part-time professors from domestic and oversea famous universities and research institutions.

The majors of the college are Material Science and Engineering (MSE), Materials Chemistry (MC), Applied Chemistry (AC), Environmental Engineering (EE) and Chemical Engineering and Technology (CET). In 2005, the Shanghai Key Discipline as Applied Chemistry and Environmental Protection in Power Plants, was established in this college. In 2006, CECE was authorized to award Master degree in Applied Chemistry. In 2010, CECE was approved for Master program of the first level in Chemical Engineering and Technology. In 2017, CECE was selected to Shanghai IV peak discipline construction plan.

CECE has undertaken more than 40 national and provincial research projects since 2012, including “National key research and development plan”, “National 863 High Technology Research Development Plan” and “National Natural Science Foundation of China”. And the college teachers have been granted to more than 6 provincial-level scientific and technological progress awards, and authorized more than 70 patents for invention, and have published 8 monographs, 5 textbooks and more than 400 SCI papers, including 11 ESI papers. On teaching, the college teachers gained 1 Shanghai teaching achievement first prize, 2 Shanghai teaching achievements second prizes, 3 Shanghai excellent courses, 4 Shanghai core subjects and 1 Shanghai excellent online courses.

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