The College of Energy and Mechanical Engineering has two undergraduate majors, Energy and Mechanical Engineering, and Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation, and one graduate program of first-level discipline Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics. The College has also achieved one key discipline respectively in Shanghai Municipal and Shanghai Education Committee level, and 3 Shanghai Engineering Research Centers. Besides there is one special training program for the engineer talent development.

There are 3 departments in the college, namely Energy and Power Engineering, Engineering Thermo-physics, and Mechanical Engineering. The teaching and researching faculty includes 14 professors, 17 associate professors and over half of them have PhDs. Some faculty members have been listed into various Talent Projects, such as Shanghai ‘Oriental Scholar’, ‘Shuguang Scholar’, ‘Pujiang Talent Project’, and Ministry of Education ‘New Century Excellent Talent’ and so on. The college has been awarded 4 times for Shanghai Municipal teaching achievements, and has 2 Shanghai Municipal teaching teams.

In recent years, the college has undertaken various research projects in state and municipal levels, including sub topics of National 973 Project, National 863 Project, and NSFC (the Natural Science Foundation of China), signed over 200 research projects and got 7 awards municipally for technological inventions and scientific advancement.

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