SUEP Successfully Finishes “Cloud” Re-examination of 2020 Post Graduate Entrance Examination

Faced with the new situation and new challenges brought about by COVID-19, SUEP strictly implemented the specific deployment and requirements of the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government for postgraduate re-examination work, in line with the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and instructions on epidemic prevention and control, ensuring the orderly promotion of the re-examination work on the basis of safety, fairness and science.

Firstly, SUEP attached great importance to the postgraduate re-examination, and carefully developed the work plan of “cloud” re-examination by full advance preparation. Secondly, the school strengthened the training for all staff who participated in the re-examination and conducted rehearsals to make preparations against a rainy day. Thirdly, different departments of SUEP cooperated with each other to jointly ensure the orderly promotion of “cloud” postgraduate re-examination. Lastly, the university adopted strict measures to inspect the re-examination process so as to ensure the fairness and justice of “cloud” re-examination.

During the re-examination period, leaders of SUEP, including Li Hexing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of SUEP, Li Yanling, secretary of SUEP Commission for Discipline Inspection of CPC and Weng Peifen, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of SUEP and Huang Dongmei, the vice president of the school, listened to the reports made by the heads of relevant departments on the re-examination work and provided guidance for the “cloud” postgraduate re-examination on site.

With the cooperation of all relevant departments and joint efforts of faculty and staff, SUEP successfully completed the 2020 postgraduate re-examination work based on the principle of “safety, fairness and science”, and set a new record for postgraduate enrollment in terms of the quality and quantity of postgraduate students.