SUEP and Shanghai Wai Gao Qiao No.3 Power Generation Jointly Construct Moral Education Base & Practice Training Base

The unveiling ceremony of off-campus moral education base and practice training base jointly constructed by SUEP and Shanghai Wai Gao Qiao No.3 Power Generation Co. LTD (hereinafter referred to as SWGQ) was held on May 20 at the Meeting Room of SWGQ, which was chaired by Pan Weiguo, secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Energy and Mechanical Engineering (CEME) of SUEP.

Shi Min, general manager and the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of SWGQ, noted that the co-construction of the moral education base will deepen the significance of the corporation between schools and companies, and the cooperation among enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions can advance the development of professional disciplines as well as the cultivation of first-class versatile and practical energy and power talents. Then, Shi introduced the training plan, training system and the training program developed by the company itself-- Advanced Application of Comprehensive Skills in Electric Power Enterprises.

At the ceremony, Zhang Xianzhi, a member of the standing committee of the Party Committee of SUEP, introduced the work of the “Three-all Education” and the construction of the education base outside the school. Wang Yunhuan, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of CEME, explained the construction tasks of the practice training base. More importantly, CEME also signed the letter of corporation intent with SWGQ on its self-developed training program.

Weng Peifen, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of SUEP, firstly thanked SWGQ for its support for the schools’ moral education, and then pointed out that President Xi Jinping has attached great attention to the ideological and political work of colleges since the 18th CPC National Congress, and the co-construction of the two bases by the two parties is the thorough implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. He hoped that the two sides can take the unveiling ceremony as an opportunity to communicate and exchange information, so the cooperation agreement can be put in place and the two bases can be built into a platform for education, transformation and development.