Application Review Meeting for Project of Constructing Local High-level Application-oriented University in 2020 Held in SUEP

On May 8, more than 20 experts from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, the Financial Investment Review Center, and the third-party firms gathered on Yangpu Campus of SUEP, holding the application review meeting for the school’s project of constructing a local high-level application-oriented university in 2020. The school leaders, Li Mingfu, Li Hexing, Li Yanling, Weng Peifen, Xu Kai, Feng Jinzhang, Fu Yang, Huang Dongmei, Zhang Chuan and heads of relevant functional departments attended the meeting. The review group consisted of subject specialists, campus construction experts, management experts, financial experts and so on.

On behalf of the university, President Li Hexing made an overall report, introducing the background of constructing a local application-oriented high-level university and the achievements made by the school in 2019. Besides, he explained the background, thoughts and contents of the 2020 Project, as well as the corresponding budget and performance targets. He pointed out that it is an important goal of our university at the present stage to build a local high-level application-oriented university featured with energy and electric power and to become an important base for application-oriented talent training and scientific research and development, thus supporting the development of Chinese energy and electric power industry.

After that, the evaluation was divided into two groups: subject construction and smart campus construction. Related functional departments, on behalf of the school, reported the construction background, basis, contents, budget and performance targets of the project from the following six aspects: energy and electric power subject construction, application-oriented talent training, international cooperation, application-oriented faculty construction, service base construction and smart campus construction. Weng Peifen and Feng Jinzhang participated in the report and defense of the two groups respectively.

The review group listened carefully to the reports, discussed and examined the application materials and put forward many valuable and constructive comments and suggestions.

On the same day, the review experts on smart campus construction also inspected the construction of smart classrooms on Yangpu campus. On April 30, experts from the Financial Investment Review Center investigated the construction of smart campus on Lingang Campus of SUEP. On May 6, the school also held a pre-review meeting for the construction project and invited experts outside the school to provide guidance for the evaluation.