SUEP Takes Multiple Measures to Protect Overseas Students in All-round Way

Since the outbreak of novel corona-virus pneumonia, the CPC Central Committee has set up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, timely releasing relevant information on epidemic and always putting the safety of people’s life in the first place. The Party Committee of SUEP has always been concerned about the life safety of overseas students, paid close attention to their physical health, and made steady progress in epidemic prevention and control.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, SUEP steadily promoted the “321” project to provide each overseas student with all-round protection and care. “3” referred to the joint cooperation of SUEP leaders, functional departments and secondary colleges. At the macro level, SUEP connected with foreign universities and paid close attention to the protection measures taken by them. “2” meant that the International Exchange and Cooperation Office cooperated with the relevant secondary colleges to form a linkage mechanism, thus maintaining normal communication with students at the meso-level. “1” meant that the International Exchange and Cooperation Office assigned an experienced and competent staff to stay current with the latest situation of each overseas student, and timely resolve the problems they might meet in study and life.

The overseas students of our school are in good condition at present. SUEP will keep close contact with each of them, grasp their learning and living situation in time, and help them build up confidence to overcome the difficulties altogether.