SUEP Holds Employment Promotion Meeting for 2020 Graduates

To alleviate the influence of novel corona-virus pneumonia on employment and further promote the employment of graduates, the school held the employment promotion meeting for 2020 graduates through the network platform on the afternoon of April 3rd. Li Mingfu, secretary of the Party Committee of SUEP, and Li Hexing, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of SUEP attended. Xu Kai, the vice president of SUEP, presided over the meeting.

Tang Zhong, director of the Office of Graduate Affairs, and Jiang Xiaohua, director of the Office of Undergraduate Affairs, introduced the general employment situation and challenges faced by the graduates and undergraduates of 2020. The secondary colleges reported their employment measures, current progress and existing problems one by one. Li Hexing put forward six requirements: firstly, we need to support employment with high graduation rate; secondly, we should further improve online recruitment; thirdly, we need to strengthen employment guidance for graduates and encourage them to work at the grass-roots level; fourthly, we need to enhance the employment competitiveness of graduates; fifthly, we need to optimize employment services and accurately help students in difficulty; lastly, we need to strive for the employment opportunities in key industries.

Li Mingfu fully affirmed the employment promotion work carried out by all functional departments and secondary colleges during the epidemic prevention and control period. He pointed out that the employment situation in this year is more serious, and that the employment of graduates is an urgent political task, so the whole school should attach great importance to it and make solid progress.