Three National Ministries Inspect SUEP’s Construction of Sponge City on Site

On the afternoon of December 19, accompanied by the leaders of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Shanghai Lingang Development and Management Committee, experts from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Water Resources came to the Lingang Campus of our school for the on-site acceptance of the second batch of national sponge city pilot projects. The sponge city project in the second-phase construction of Lingang Campus is the first project inspected by the experts.

They listened to the report made by the Office of Campus Construction on the construction of the sponge city, including preliminary planning and design, construction process and final operation results. Subsequently, the experts investigated the project on site. And the people of our school related to this inspection answered the experts’ questions in detail.

After the inspection, the experts said that the sponge city project of our school has met the requirements for the construction of sponge city, and plays a positive role in publicizing the construction concept of sponge city. This project, on the basis of standard construction, is adapted to local conditions, and effectively reduces the source runoff and runoff pollutants. Besides, it also withstands the test of three typhoons in this year.