SUEP Successfully Holds Singing Contest to Commemorate 84th Anniversary of “12 • 9” Movement

On the night of December 9, SUEP successfully held a singing contest to commemorate the 84th anniversary of “12 • 9” Movement at Student Center on Lingang Campus. Li Mingfu, secretary of SUEP Party committee, Li Yanling, deputy secretary of SUEP Party committee, Zhang Chuan, general accounting of SUEP, and heads of the Office of Student affairs, Committee of Youth League and Art Education Center, leaders of secondary colleges and relevant departments participated in the activity.

After the opening show of Belief performed by the School Dance Group, the contest was subsequently held, with 15 teams singing one by one, in which students expressed their love for the motherland with passionate songs. Finally, Class 201902J from the College of Electrical Engineering and Class 2019112 from the College of Electronics and Information Engineering won the first prize. Besides, Class 201902J won the Most Innovative Award, Class 2019112 won the People’s Choice Award, Class 20191yk01 and Class 2019026 won the Best Stage Manner Award and the Best Directing Award respectively. The College of Environmental and Chemical Engineering was awarded the Best Chorus Team, a new award that was added this year.

During this singing contest, the Committee of Youth League continued to deepen reform and innovate boldly, actively worked with the secondary colleges, and guided the young students to shape a good spiritual outlook and show the youth’s patriotic enthusiasm and vitality in the new era.