SUEP Has Won First Prize of Shanghai College Student Social Practice Competition for Three Consecutive Years

On the afternoon of December 1st, the Summary and Exhibition of 2019 Shanghai College and Middle School Student Social Practice and the Exchange Exhibition of Practice Projects for Yangtze Delta Integration were held at Shanghai National Accounting Institute, which commended a series of winning projects in Shanghai College Student Social Practice Competition. This competition consisted of three modules: social investigations, social study and special contests. SUEP won one first prize, two second prizes and two third prizes. And the school has won the first prize of the competition for three consecutive years. Jin Fei, secretary of the Youth League Committee of SUEP, student representatives of winning projects and exchange group participated in the activity.

The project about garbage sorting, which is led by Jiao Fengmei and Qi Weihong, teachers of the College of Marxism, and implemented by 16 students, won the first prize and was presented in the 2019 Exhibition of Outstanding Social Practice Projects of Shanghai College and Middle School Students. Ren Tian’ai, leader of the team, explained the process, significance and achievements of this project to the guests, which was recognized by all the teachers and students.

Besides, Jiao Fengmei, Zhou Zhen whose team took the second prize, Zhou Changchang whose team won the second prize, and Wang Shaoxuan whose team took the third prize, were awarded the Excellent Supervisor. Ren Tian’ai and Wang Lei, a member of Zhou Changchang’s team, were awarded the Advanced Individual.

SUEP has always been attaching great importance to social practice, during which students can learn a lot and make contributions to the society.