Awarding Ceremony of 2nd “SUEP Cup” National Science and Technology Translation Competition Held in SUEP

The Awarding Ceremony of the 2nd “SUEP Cup” National Science and Technology Translation Competition was held on Yangpu Campus of SUEP on Nov. 23.

According to Pan Weimin, secretary general of the Organizing Committee of the translation competition, the vice president of Shanghai Science and Technology Translation Society, and dean of the College of Foreign Languages of SUEP, a total of 13,946 people took part in the competition online from Oct. 24 to Oct. 25. After the preliminary evaluation by the machine and second-round review by experts, there were 101 contestants that won a prize. Pan also pointed out that the aim of this competition is to promote the cultivation of science and technology translators, thus advancing the healthy development of science and technology translation, and enhancing the integration of human and machine.

At the ceremony, Fang Mengzhi, honorary editor-in-chief of Shanghai Journal of Translators and professor of the School of Foreign Languages of Shanghai University, gave a report of “On the Thematic Competence of Scientific Translators”. Professor Li Mei, a doctoral supervisor of Tongji University, made a keynote speech of “Translation Challenges in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”.

Professor Li Yashu, a senior translator and the expert consultant of Chinese Science & Technology Translators Journal, praised the competition for its promotion of foreign language research and teaching. And he pointed out that the continuous updating of translation technology has flexibly promoted the inheritance and innovation of foreign language education. Professor He Gangqiang, a doctoral supervisor of the College of Foreign Languages and Literatures of Fudan University, hoped that science and technology translators can exert their imagination and equip themselves with scientific and technological ethics, and the number of science and technology translators can grow in line with the level of national science and technology development.

Besides, at the ceremony, many other experts, chief editors of prestigious translation journals, and relevant people from translation software enterprises shared and exchanged their new ideas about modern translation technology, translation education and translation methods of scientific texts.