International Students of SUEP Get Good Results in Shanghai International Student Chinese Poetry Recitation Competition

“Poetry Singing a Song of Friendship -- the Final of 2019 Shanghai International Student Chinese Poetry Recitation Competition and Performance Activity” was held at Fudan University on November 10th.

This activity was hosted by Shanghai Commission for the Management of Language Use, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Yangpu District People’s Government, and undertaken by Fudan University. Representatives of the Party Committee of Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Commission, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Fudan University, relevant departments of Yangpu District People’s Government, Shanghai Language Proficiency Test Center, and representatives of teachers and students from 13 universities in Shanghai watched the performance.

The Chinese poetry recitation competition has attracted extensive attention and participation of international students in Shanghai universities and colleges since it was held in 2017. In this year, more than 300 foreign students from 18 universities and colleges participated in the activity. After the preliminary and second-round selection, 18 programs submitted by 13 universities and colleges entered the final competition, including the program of “Forever Young” performed by international students of our school, Wang Like, Mary, Jin Shiyu, Shi Shuai, under the organization of the College of International Exchange. In the final, their steady and excellent performance won the praise of the audience and judges, and finally they won the Most Innovative Award. After the competition, the four students said that this activity is a great help to their Chinese, and the other international students’ wonderful performances on the stage also strengthen their determination to learn Chinese well and spread Chinese culture.

It is reported that a number of news networks have paid attention to and reported the competition, which will be broadcast on Shanghai Education Television in early December.