SUEP Holds 25th Sports Meeting

On the morning of November 7, SUEP held the 25th sports meeting on Lingang Campus. Party and administrative leaders of the school, including Weng Peifen, Xu Kai, Feng Jinzhang, Fu Yang and Zhang Chuan, as well as leaders of secondary colleges and relevant departments attended the opening ceremony. There were more than 1000 teachers and students from 14 teams participating in the competition of 24 events.

At the beginning of the ceremony, 730 freshmen in Taiji suits and 140 faculty representatives performed Baduanjin, or “Eight Section Brocade”, a popular Chinese exercise and fitness practice. After the performance, accompanied by the exciting Athletes March, the energetic national flag team, flower team, color flag team, and teams of each college with its own characteristics were reviewed by all the teachers and students of the school, showing the spirit and appearance of SUEPers.

After the athletes entered the stadium, a solemn flag raising ceremony was held. Xu Kai delivered the opening speech. On behalf of the school, he expressed warm congratulations on the smooth opening of the games, and sincere expectations that the competitors will work hard, compete fairly, show their abilities and gain friendship. Weng Peifen fired the starting gun, announcing the official opening of the games.

Finally, after fierce competitions, College of Electronics and Information Engineering, College of Electrical Engineering and College of Automation Engineering were among the top three in men’s groups. College of Electronics and Information Engineering, College of Economics and Management and College of Electrical Engineering were among the top three in women’s groups. College of Electrical Engineering, College of Energy and Mechanical Engineering and College of Computer Science and Technology were among the top three in faculty groups. In addition, the school records were broken in men’s 100-meter race and women’s 4 × 100-meter relay race.