21st Shanghai International Art Festival on Tour of Campuses in Lingang Kicks off

On October 24, the opening ceremony of the 21st China Shanghai International Art Festival on tour of campuses in Lingang, hosted by Shanghai Municipal Education Committee and Shanghai Art Education Committee and organized by SUEP, was held on Lingang Campus of SUEP. Leaders of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the organizing committee of the International Art Festival, Nanhui New Township of Pudong New Area, China Maritime Museum, as well as leaders and representatives of teachers and students from five colleges in Lingang, attended the opening ceremony. Li Mingfu, secretary of the Party committee of SUEP, delivered a welcome speech, expressing heartfelt thanks to the guests attending the opening ceremony and all colleagues who care about and support the development of aesthetic education in colleges in Lingang special area.

This is the first time that the International Art Festival on tour of campuses has tried to promote inter-college exchanges among different districts, which combines “openness, integration, mutual learning and sharing” into one. According to the regional and cultural characteristics of Lingang District and the needs of teachers and students in the five colleges, it makes full use of the international platform, and deepens exchanges between domestic and foreign art resources. It provides a new platform for teachers and students to share educational resources and plays a positive role in promoting aesthetic education.