SUEP Holds 2nd CIIE Volunteer Induction Ceremony

On the afternoon of October 18, the volunteer induction ceremony of the 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE) was held at the Academic Exchange Center of Lingang Campus of SUEP. All the leaders of the Youth League Committee of SUEP and secretaries of the Youth League Committee of each secondary college, as well as 140 volunteers attended the ceremony. At the ceremony, the person in charge of the activity reported the previous preparations for the volunteer work, introduced the final number of volunteers, their work positions and corresponding responsibilities.

In accordance with General Secretary Xi Jinping’s requirements that “the CIIE will feature good performance, good results and continued success in the years to come”, the Party committee of SUEP attached great importance to the preparations for the volunteer work, and set up a leading group to discuss relevant work plans. Under the strong leadership of the Party committee of SUEP, the Youth League Committee, in collaboration with the Party committee of secondary colleges, fulfilled the recruitment, selection and training of volunteers, and finally 140 students were selected as volunteers of the 2nd CIIE. Later, the Youth League Committee of SUEP will cooperate with all relevant departments to protect these volunteers, solve their worries, and ensure all of them can go on duty on time.