CPFL Directors and Senior Executives Visit SUEP

On the morning of October 10, a delegation of CPFL comprised of 28 people visited SUEP, including Chairman Wen Bo, Independent Director Antonio Kandir, Independent Director Marcelo Amaral Moraes, Director and CEO Gustavo Estrella, and Director Anselmo Henrique Seto Leal. Li Mingfu, secretary of SUEP Party committee, Feng Jinzhang, the vice president of SUEP, and Huang Dongmei, the vice president of SUEP, attended the meeting, which was presided over by Huang Dongmei.

CPFL is one of the private power companies with the largest brand value and influence in the history of Brazil. It is a century-old integrated energy company with distribution, power generation and electricity transaction as its core businesses. CPFL has been listed in Brazil and the United States.

Li Mingfu extended a warm welcome to the delegation, and introduced the university’s history, features, discipline construction, scientific research achievements, exchanges and cooperation with foreign enterprises and colleges, especially the efforts and achievements made in the cooperation in the energy and power industry. Li Mingfu also expressed his hope to enhance the relationship between SUEP and CPFL through this meeting, and to broaden, expand, deepen and put into effect the existing exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

Wen Bo expressed heartfelt thanks to SUEP for the warm and thoughtful reception, and invited SUEP’s delegation to visit Brazil again for further cooperation. Gustavo Estrella said that he was very happy to come to China again, especially to the beautiful Lingang Campus, and he hoped that both sides could bear in mind their mission and play a leading role in the development of power industry.

After the meeting, the delegation, accompanied by Feng Jinzhang, visited the library, campus, micro-grid demonstration platform and other teaching facilities.