SUEP Holds Symposium to Commemorate 70th Anniversary of Founding of New China

On the afternoon of September 27, a symposium to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China was held at Room 301 of the Academic Center on Pudong Campus. More than 60 people attended the symposium, including Li Hexing, Weng Peifen, Zhou Guangyao, Chen Cezhan, and members of the Party committee of SUEP and representatives of teachers and students.

Li Hexing, president of SUEP, said: “China has made a great leap in the past 70 years. The development of SUEP in the past 68 years is the vivid miniature of the great changes and leaps of China since its founding, especially since the reform and opening up. It is also a vivid miniature of the great growth and development of higher education under the leadership of the Party.”

Weng Peifen, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of SUEP, pointed out: “A complete modern education system has been established under the strong leadership of the Party since the founding of new China. At present, SUEP is in a critical period of development and transformation. SUEP should adhere to the Party’s overall leadership and accelerate the construction of a high-level application-oriented university.”

Zhou Guangyao, former secretary of the Party Committee of SUEP, said: “The central government recently has decided to set up Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Lingang Special Area, which is another great development opportunity for SUEP. SUEP should seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and make full use of preferential policies to realize unconventional development.”

Shi Yihan, a graduate student from the College of Electronics and Information Engineering, believed that as a graduate student, compared with academic research, it was more important to abide by academic ethics. In the future, she would carry forward the spirit of innovation, shoulder the mission of delivering knowledge and undertaking academic research with perseverance and indomitable will, and complete her scientific research with quality and quantity guaranteed.