Delegations from Federation University Australia and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Visit SUEP

Recently, Professor Syed Islam, dean of the School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology at Federation University Australia, and Professor Daniel J. Pack, dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, both led a delegation to visit our school. Zhu Qunzhi, dean of the College of Energy and Mechanical Engineering, Wang Zhiping, dean of the College of International Exchange, Wu Maoliang, deputy dean of the College of Energy and Mechanical Engineering, and He Ping, deputy director of the Institute of Energy and Power Engineering attended the meeting.

At the meeting, each part introduced the general situation of its own university and college. After that, they conducted in-depth exchanges on the cooperation of teaching and researching in the fields of energy and mechanical engineering. What’s more, a detailed comparison and analysis of the curriculum system for the training of undergraduates and postgraduates was also made to explore the mode of cooperation in running schools. Each part said that initial cooperation could be conducted on exchange students to provide more overseas learning opportunities for them and enhance their international communication skills.

Federation University Australia is a public university, formed when the former University of Ballarat and the Gippsland Campus of Monash University were amalgamated. It is the only regional public university in Victoria that simultaneously provides higher education, vocational and technical training programs and major opportunities for scientific research.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is one of the three campuses of the University of Tennessee. Located in the third largest city in Tennessee, USA, it covers an area of more than 900 mu. Established in 1886, the school has a long history, positioning itself as an urbanized comprehensive public university that perfectly combines traditional disciplines and modern society.