SUEP Holds Mobilization Meeting for Theme Education of “Remaining True to Our Original Aspiration and Keeping Our Mission Firmly in Mind”

On the morning of September 12th, the mobilization meeting for the theme education of “remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind” was held at 103 Lecture Hall of Academic Center on Pudong Campus. At the same time, a sub-meeting was held on Yangpu Campus in the form of live broadcast, which was convenient for Party members on Yangpu campus to learn the spirit of the conference. Huang Xiaolu, leader of the 13th tour steering group of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, delivered a speech to guide the work. Li Mingfu, secretary of the Party committee of SUEP and leader of the theme education group of SUEP, gave a speech for the mobilization meeting. Li Hexing, deputy head of the theme education group presided over the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, all Party members attending the meeting reviewed the admission oath in front of the Party flag. Li Mingfu put forward three suggestions for organizing and carrying out this theme education. He emphasized that all Party members and cadres should comply with the arrangements of the central government and CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee in thoughts and actions, so as to truly transform the achievements of the theme education into the force to drive sustainable and healthy development of the school, and strive to create a new situation for the construction of a high-level application-oriented university.

Huang Xiaolu conveyed the requirements of Li Qiang, secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, on carrying out the second batch of theme education and affirmed the high political responsibility and practical working style of the Party committee of our school in preparing for the theme education. Li Hexing pointed out: “All Party members of SUPE should consciously and unremittingly strive to realize the historical mission of the Party in new era and to build SUEP into a high-level application-oriented university.”

Li Hongming, deputy head of the 13th tour steering group, Weng Peifei, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the school, Feng Jinzhang, the vice president, Fu Yang, the vice president, and other related people attended the conference.

Before the meeting, all the Party members and cadres attending the meeting visited the “Glorious Course - Achievements Exhibition in Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of People's Republic of China”, reviewing the glorious course of the Party leading the people of all nationalities in the country to found and build new China.