SUEP Holds Military Training Summary and Commendation Meeting for Students of Class of 2022

        At 9:00 am on July 10, the military training summary and commendation meeting for students of Class of 2022 was held at the Auditorium of the Student Activity Center on Lingang Campus. Xu Kai, the deputy secretary of the school party committee and the vice president, Wang Guohua, political commissar of the military training division and director of the Security Office, Jiang Xiaohua, the deputy political commissar and director of the Student Affairs Office, together with other relevant leaders attended the meeting. Besides, counselors of the Class of 2022, representatives of students participating in the training, and all military instructors took part in the meeting, which was presided over by Jin Wei, commander of the military training division and the deputy director of the Security Office.

        Wang Guohua made a summary for the military training. Jiang Xiaohua read the list of advanced classes and individuals, and then presented awards to them. Excellent student Liu Zhuoran from the elite class of Energy and Mechanical Engineering College, made a speech on behalf of all the trainees.

        Xu Kai in his speech expressed his expectations for all the students of Class of 2022. He hoped that they, taking military training as the starting point, could cultivate perseverance, learn teamwork, be firm in their ideals and convictions, and forge ahead with the school and the country.