CCTV Reports SUEP’s Smart Micro-grid Integrated Energy Service Project on Lingang Campus

        The week from June 17 to 23 this year marks the China National Energy Conservation Publicity Week themed by “Green Development with Energy Conservation First”. On June 19, CCTV-1 and CCTV-13 channels, at the same time, gave a detailed report on our school’s smart micro-grid integrated energy service project on Lingang Campus, in the column of Morning News, with the tile of “University becomes laboratory to explore how to utilize energy efficiently”. It’s the first time that our school’s Lingang Campus has been reported by CCTV channels, comprehensively showing the spirit of all teachers and students, and the features of the campus.

        The project of SUEP belongs to the energy efficiency leader demonstration program supported by the Ministry of Education, and SUEP constructed the first smart micro-grid campus in China, which combined energy flow, business flow and data flow together, exploring the application of ubiquitous power internet of things.

        Under the leadership of SUEP party committee, two CCTV reporters, Zhu Jihua and Gao Miao came to the school for interviews on May 51, after more than a month of organizations and preparations by both the Publicity Department of SUEP and State Grid Energy Conservation Service Company. And the interview were supported by the Office of School Affairs, the College of Electrical Engineering, as well as other departments and secondary colleges.