SUEP’s Research Result Published in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science as Cover Paper

        Recently, the paper Enhancing Photocatalytic Activity on Gas-phase Heavy Metal Oxidation with Self-assembled BiOI/BiOCl Microflowers (DOI:, focused on enhancing the photo-catalytic activity on gas-phase heavy metal oxidation by the research team of Professor Wu Jiang from the College of Energy and Mechanical Engineering, was published in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, an internationally renowned journal, as the cover paper. The graduates Sun Xiaoming and Lu Jia are the co-first authors, and Professor Wu is the corresponding author. This is the latest research in the field of reducing the pollution of gas-phase heavy metal oxidation by Shanghai Environmental Friendly Power Generation Engineering Center and SUEP’s plateau discipline.

        The paper applied the concept of bionics to the research of gas pollution control of power plants, and developed the approach to prepare microflower heterostructure to slow electron-hole recombination, providing a new idea for the study of gas purification and photo-catalysis. And This research was supported by National Key Research and Development Program (2018YFB0605100) and Shanghai Peak Discipline VI.