SUEP Leaders Lead a Team to NCEPU, China Huaneng Group and CHD

           From May 16 to 17, Xu Kai, the deputy secretary of SUEP Party committee and vice president of SUEP, led a team to North China Electric Power University (NCEPU), China Huaneng Group, and China Huadian Corporation (CHD) for exchanges, in order to learn and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, and improve SUEP’s ability to effectively serve the energy and power industry. Leaders of Students Affairs Office and the deputy secretaries of the Party committee (Party general branch) of some secondary colleges who are in charge of the students affairs also went together.

        Sun Zhongquan, the vice president of NCEPU, warmly welcomed the delegations of SUEP. Xu Kai briefed the basic information of SUEP, as well as the achievements made in discipline construction, talent cultivation, and the establishment of “the Belt and Road” International Electric Power University Union, and at the same introduced the great events in SUEP.

        Deng Jianling, the deputy secretary and deputy general manager of China Huaneng, on behalf of the group, expressed his sincere thanks to SUEP for its long-term concern, support, and the supply of a large number of excellent talents for China Huaneng.

        Heads of relevant departments of CHD joined the meeting with the delegation of SUEP. Zheng Feng, director of the Human Resources Department, affirmed the excellent academic atmosphere of SUEP and highly praised the achievements made by the graduates of SUEP in CHD.