2019 “5•20” Shanghai Campus Run for Love Kicks off in SUEP

     On May 17, the activity of 2019 “5·20” Shanghai Campus Run for Love kicked off on Lingang Campus of SUEP. Dai Bing, the deputy secretary of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League, Zhang Xianzhi, the member of the standing committee of SUEP Party Committee and director of the Publicity Department of SUEP, as well as almost 300 teachers and students from Shanghai Maritime University (SMU), Shanghai Ocean Univeristy (SHOU), Shanghai Dianji University (SDJU), Shanghai Jian Qiao University (SJQU) and SUEP attended the opening ceremony.

     At the opening ceremony, Jin Fei, secretary of SUEP Youth League Committee, read the rules of this activity, and explained the running route and the place to check in. The shape of the running route was just like the Arabic numerals of “5”, “2”and “0”. College students expressed their support to CPC, and love for the country by participating in the activity, and their steps can be exchanged for goods and materials, which will be denoted to poverty-stricken regions.

Under the guidance of the important speech addressed by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the Conference to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the May 4th Movement, SUEP designed this activity with heart by combining the youth thoughts with healthy activities, showing the vigor of contemporary university students.