SUEP Organizes Intellectual Poverty Alleviation Activity in Ningxia

       The intellectual poverty alleviation activity of donating books was held in the Jiangtaibao Middle School, Xiji County, Guyuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region on April 23, the World Reading Day, by the Committee of Youth League of SUEP. More than a thousand local teachers and students participated in the event.

       After the early communications with Ningxia Volunteer Association, one of the nine model units of learning Lei Feng in China, the Committee of Youth League held an activity of “Running for Public Welfare”on March 5. More than 200 university volunteers participated in the activity in rain for exchanging books, saluting Comrade Lei Feng. In the end, they raised a total of more than 400 books, valued at more than 5000 yuan. The Committee of Youth League entrusted the volunteers with Guyuan Division of Ningxia Volunteer Association to send these books to Jiangtaibao Middle School, so as to encourage the students to read books and study hard.

      As the only generally poverty-stricken city in Ningxia, Guyuan is the “main battlefield” of poverty alleviation. SUEP has organized summer social practice teams to carry out a series of social practice activities in Xiji County, Ningxia for three consecutive years, from which our school’s teachers and students see how much importance the local people have attached to education. In response to National Accurate Poverty Alleviation Strategy, the Committee of Youth League organized teachers and students, on the basis of summer social practice activities, to carry out intellectual poverty alleviation activities, and donate books to Jiangtaibao Middle School, in their efforts to help these students walk out of the mountains and finally defeat poverty. The activity was praised by local teachers and students. Students in Class 4, Grade 7 of Jiangtaibao Middle School said that they would take this activity as an opportunity to encourage themselves to read more books, so as to repay the society with outstanding performance. The event was reported by Ningxia News Network, Guyuan Daily and other media.