SUEP Holds Meeting of Promoting Co-Construction of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practice Base for Graduate Students in Yangtze River Delta

        On the morning of April 19th, the 2019 Meeting of Promoting the Co-Construction of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practice Base for Graduate Students in Yangtze River Delta was held in the school. These people were present at the meeting: Shu Jinlong, director of the Office of Shanghai Academic Degree Committee, Li Mingfu, secretary of SUEP Party committee, Huang Dongmei, the vice president of SUEP, Cheng Dong, the member of the standing committee of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the vice chairman of Shanghai Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Huang Zilai, the member of the standing committee, and director-general of the Organization Department and the United Front Work Department of CPC Yangzhong Municipal Committee, Wu Yize, general manager of the 6789 Group, Pan Jie, the member of the standing committee of CPC Yangzhong Municipal Committee and party secretary of Xinba Town, Chen Botao and Lu Zhaohui, the vice mayors of Yangzhong, and other leaders and guests, as well as representatives of entrepreneurs and teams participating in the innovation and entrepreneurship program.

        Li Mingfu pointed out the importance of the integration between government and other innovative institutions, like universities and enterprises, in both resources, mechanisms, industries, funds and techniques, to accelerate the interactions between talents, intelligence, technology and other elements in the region, so as to promote the development of regional collaborative innovation.

    Huang Zilai mentioned a new model of school-school and school-enterprise cooperation in co-constructing the practice ba    se. Huang Dongmei spoke highly of the achievements made by the practice bases in the Yangtze River Delta in the past year, and shared the successful cooperation experience of SUEP-Yangzhong High-tech Zone innovation practice base in 2018, as well as the work ideas in 2019.

        On behalf of Yangzhong entrepreneurs, Zhao Yiping, board chair of Huatong Group, gave a speech. Subsequently, it came the on-site road show, evaluation and awarding of the excellent projects completed by the graduate students in Yangzhong High-tech Zone practice base. The team led by Guan Yu, a graduate student of SUEP, won the first prize of 2018 “Dahang Cup” Excellent Research Project of Graduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Base. The Yangzhong High-tech Zone, 10 universities and 4 institutions involving in the co-construction of practice base signed the 2019 cooperation memorandum.