SUEP Holds Tree Planting Activity on Lingang Campus

On April 1st, retired leaders Zhou Guangyao, Chen Dasen, Cao Jialin, Lu Chulong, Shi Qiguang, Li Guorong and all the current school leaders gathered on Lingang Campus to plant trees together with more than 100 teachers and students.

Li Mingfu, secretary of the CPC Committee of the university, pointed out that from the construction of Lingang Campus in 2015 to the official opening of the new campus last September, Lingang Campus witnessed the vigorous development of SUEP. The school has been listed as PhD granting unit, and is about to welcome the first batch of doctoral students; it has successfully renamed to a full university, realizing the “university dream” that teachers and students have been looking forward to for many years; and it has become a pilot unit of high-level application-oriented university in Shanghai, bringing great development opportunities to the university, and furthering improving its comprehensive strength.

Li Mingfu emphasized that these achievements were closely connected to the hard work of former school leaders in different historical stages, who have laid a solid foundation for them, and to the tenacious struggle of teachers and students. On behalf of current leaders, he took this opportunity to express his high respect and heartfelt thanks to the former leaders who have made great contributions to the development of the school. “General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly talked about the significance of afforestation. The trees we planting today represent not only a memorial of the hard work in the past, but also our thanks to the former leaders, and the expectations for the future development of SUEP”, Li said.

The retired leaders hoped the school, under the strong leadership of the current leaders, would make persistent efforts to improve the ability of serving national strategy, promoting industry development and meeting the needs of Shanghai, so as to build the school into a high level application and research university featured by energy and electric power as early as possible!